Madam Speaker

Some things never change. Mrs. Patricia Etteh, Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives is already in trouble over the award of a number of contracts (N628m) for the renovation of certain official residences. Last week, Madam Speaker, habitually and derogatorily referred to by some sections of the media as a hairdresser, was forced to cut back on an elaborate party she had planned in the US for her 54th birthday.

A breakdown of the contract for the renovation of the Speaker’s residence showed that demolition of a section of the building will cost N14.5m; furnishing, N35.4m; and installation of Close Circuit Television and a multiple intercom system, N30m.

External work will cost N64.2m; fittings and fixtures, N35m; metal detector, N10m; furnishing, N52.5m; and curtains, N10m!!!.

For the Deputy Speaker’s house, furnishing only will cost N55.2m.

Ten units of Toyota Land Cruiser will cost N123m and two 320 Mercedes Benz cars will cost N49.6m. – Source Vanguard Newspapers

There has been an argument from many quarters; backed up with demonstrable examples that sleaze in Nigeria is a preserve of male politicians. Mrs Etteh may just be on the threshold of rectifying that disparity.


7 Responses to “Madam Speaker”

  1. Mfon Edet Says:

    As long as corruption is easy in Nigeria, the pope if given a post will steal money. This woman bears all the hallmarks of a corrupt politician, and I say this even though she hasnt been found guilty

  2. Nilla Says:

    That’s a lot of money.

    Thanx for stopping by my blog.

  3. Bubbles Says:

    It’s disgusting! I hold our female politicians in high esteem because I believe unlike their male counterparts they actually have a conscience and aren’t afraid to listen to it. She is clearly an exception!

  4. Sisbee Says:

    Thanks for dropping by. Man, now that women have joined in the destruction of our country we have double work to do.

  5. dami Says:

    so weird demolition will cost 14m and curtains will cost 10m?? goodness. this is almost the same amount yaradua declared!!!

  6. adaeyio Says:

    The action of this woman, has put womanhood to shame.
    I say power to our honorable women, Dora, Ngozi ,Oby
    and rest of our noble women.
    Shame on to our hair-dresser, what do you expect from a novice??
    other than to steal.Throw out the rotten egg and impeach and
    disgrace her out of office.
    Renovating houses with the sum of Naira 628.8
    She is worst than armed robbers. Please get ride of her, and her supporter in crime will be judged my God and appropriate punishment will be melted to them.

  7. Olu Says:

    I totally agree with adaeyio. This hairdresser has only ended up giving all the noble women before her a very bad name. But let’s face it, were we expecting much from OBJ’s mistress? This woman is intellectually incapable of knowing when she has done wrong. She is morally incapable of making the required distinctions. Like someone said in an article that I read, she is simply playing at her level.

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