Christine Ohuruogu

Christine Ohuruogu won the 400 metres final at the Nagai Stadium yesterday after serving a one-year ban for missing three out-of-competition tests. She claims she simply forgot. Under the testing system in place in Britain, athletes have to give the anti-doping authorities their whereabouts for five hour-long slots every week. Ohuruogu claims that an event at her regular training track forced her to go elsewhere on the day of her third missed test, and that she simply forgot to tell the authorities.

She was tested a week before the missed drugs test and a week after, but today she is being treated as a drug cheat. With the savage attack that she has undergone by some sections of the British press one wonders whether this is all about drugs and a missed test, or whether there is a more sinister agenda.

Maybe Christine would have been better off carrying out her impulsive threat and donning the colours of Nigeria.


2 Responses to “Christine Ohuruogu”

  1. Olu Says:

    I smell colour here. I smell racism. Shane Warne is a drug cheat yet he is revered. Linford Christie till this day is still being hounded by the same press – double standards or what!

  2. dami Says:

    i think they are a little harsh on her, but to be honest i think they will let her off as they did the two previous white guys that were ALSO banned but later reinstated after an appeal for the same ‘offence’

    i was hoping she quit to run for Nigeria but i wonder if she’ll get the support.

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