On what planet do these people live on?

FORMER Bayelsa State governor, Dr Diepreye Alamieyeseigha yesterday returned home to a rousing welcome in Yenegoa, the state capital and his hometown, Amassoma. A ROUSING WELCOME! Received by his community as a conqueror! On what planet do some of us live on? If you ever question why Nigeria will never overcome corruption, actions like this will quickly provide the answers you need. Some people from Amassoma and Yenegoa may not know any better, but most of them should feel embarrassed this morning.


The same infamy must apply to his “partner in sleaze”, the former Senate President Adolphus Wabara. Wabara was quoted at the civic reception as saying that he had come as representative of ‘his’ people to welcome ‘Chief’ Alamieyeseigha!

In a welcome address read by one time commissioner for Finance, one Mr Solomon Apreala of the Amassoma community, Alamieyeseigha was described as a great son and the day as a memorable one. Can you beat that? He had earlier been received by ‘Governor’ Timipre Sylva at the Government House!

 Ours is a country lacking decency and prospects.



4 Responses to “On what planet do these people live on?”

  1. Olu Says:

    No surprises there. That is Nigeria for you!

  2. Bubbles Says:

    Political gimmicks! With two hundred naira notes and free pure water anyone can have a crowd give them a rousing welcome.

    Seriously… I’ve always believed it will be hard to beat out corruption from Nigerians because even the poor man on the street is waiting for the day he too will be in a position to ‘feast’ on the national cake. With that in mind how can we expect him/her to despise pollitical officials. Everywhere I go Nigerian are criticizing the govenment. It’s all lip service. Put them there and they’ll do worse!

  3. Bubbles Says:

    I meant despise corrupt officials.

  4. naapali Says:

    Many years ago it seems now, we watched villains like Akinloye celebrate becoming billionaires (back when a billion naira was a billion dollars or more). Nigerians celebrated with them. The Umaru Dikkos of the time were welcomed back as true sons of the soil. As pathetic as that was more disheartening was seeing the posturing of my student leaders on campus and realising that that they would be worse once given any position of power or influence.
    My father has always harped that people get the leaders they deserve and no where is this truer than in Nigeria.

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