Another message from God

JJ Okocha (so good they named him twice) signed for championship side Hull FC yesterday and ascribed his signing to a message from God. Like many Nigerians, every decision we make is attributed to a message or calling from God – Oh boy, na God oh!. We are no longer strangers to the conmen and women who set up churches, swindle the congregation and still trace their ‘spiritual’ beginnings to a certain night when God ‘appeared’ to them.

‘God’ appears or talks more to Nigerians than any group of people on his green planet. Our God still hasn’t given us a suggestion on how to make our society work, but s/he sure knows how to point out (thru people of the cloth) those who want to harm us. The ‘God’ that appears to us doesn’t mind if we use his name in vain, so long as it serves our immediate intent. Like a friend once said, the God that Nigerians refer to is a different God – the bogus one.

Who knows?


3 Responses to “Another message from God”

  1. Olu Says:

    lol….I also saw a vision recently and will soon be starting my own church oh. Still searching for a name, all the ridiculous names have already been taken!!! Any suggestions of a name will be great.

  2. Overwhelmed Naija Babe Says:

    ‘God’ appears or talks more to Nigerians than any group of people on his green planet.

    this is the first time i’ve been on your blog… but that phrase right there has made me a fan for life… lol…. you are hilarious.. i’ll definitely be back here.. thanks for stopping by my blog earlier… hope u had a great weekend. lol.. i’m still laughing at this post.. you craze oh…

  3. naijadude Says:

    actually i find the post hilarious but its the sad truth, we tend to attribute most of our actions irrespective of how it is, to God. yet our lives are no different to the lives of ppl that live as is…

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