World Champions

Before anyone starts saying our guys are not under the age of 17 as they claim to be (we already know that), let us celebrate our victory in the FIFA Under-17 championship.

We may never win the ‘real’ world cup because there is no age limit, but lets hope that Oga Yardy extends the usual largesse to these ‘kids’. Well done boys, just make sure you get as much as possible from the Nigerian government and the other politicians that will be falling over themselves to ‘host’ you.  

Playing for the U17s can sometimes seriously damage your future ‘footballing’ career.  The world now knows how old you are, and like Philip Osondu etc, you may be stuck in youth teams all around the world when you should be actually contemplating retirement! It was once reported that John Terry (Captain, Chelski) sent Mikel Obi a 30th birthday card on his 20th birthday. I wonder why!

In spite of everything, well done guys, you have done our nation proud, whichever way!


3 Responses to “World Champions”

  1. dami Says:

    Yes o, omething to smile about, I think the NFA, banks and cooperate sponsors gave them all the largesse they are entitled to already; the FG shouldn’t make it a habit of throwing money about…

  2. Labelle Says:

    My favorite topic last week. It was great to see the joy on the faces of nigerians after winning the cup….It makes u feel great to be a nigerian….but on second thots, when the money doesn’t trickle down the right places, you are left to wonder why you are even happy in the first place?

  3. What Ever Says:

    John Terry (Captain, Chelski) sent Mikel Obi a 30th – That’s totally untrue. What’s your source? Though I support yout course in fighting for equality in Nigeria and social justice but come on, your article is very biased and one-sided. There’s no display of objectivity and you cannot even write a balanced article without abusing another team (Chelski – as mentioned by you). You don’t have to support another team to alienate a team supported by someone else.

    So so Nigerians again.

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