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Notice me I am a Celeb!

August 28, 2007

The Notting hill carnival ended yesterday, and as expected a few Nigerian based ‘celebs’ and/or entertainers enhanced the occasion adding colour and noise. What 419naija however observed was the rather embarrassing quest of these ‘celebs’ to be recognised. The Nigerian brand of entertainment – albeit entertaining for the masses back home – still lacks a global feel as I pointed out to one of the unnamed ‘celebs’ who was making her first visit.

Most people outside the usual Nollywood/Naija hip-hop devotees simply cant tell between a Nigeria ‘celeb’ from a badly dressed black male/female visiting ‘the hill’ for the carnival.

So, regardless of all the hard sell and self promoted twaddle that comes out of Nigera, our entertainment business is still seen within the circles of those who care, as lacking professionalism, endemic with intellectual property theft, fake and poorly packaged. 

Until we stop deluding ourselves and ‘step up’ our game, a few more ‘celebs’ will need to ‘signpost’ their foreheads with “Notice me I am a celeb” to get any attention during next years’ carnival.