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Madam Speaker

August 23, 2007

Some things never change. Mrs. Patricia Etteh, Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives is already in trouble over the award of a number of contracts (N628m) for the renovation of certain official residences. Last week, Madam Speaker, habitually and derogatorily referred to by some sections of the media as a hairdresser, was forced to cut back on an elaborate party she had planned in the US for her 54th birthday.

A breakdown of the contract for the renovation of the Speaker’s residence showed that demolition of a section of the building will cost N14.5m; furnishing, N35.4m; and installation of Close Circuit Television and a multiple intercom system, N30m.

External work will cost N64.2m; fittings and fixtures, N35m; metal detector, N10m; furnishing, N52.5m; and curtains, N10m!!!.

For the Deputy Speaker’s house, furnishing only will cost N55.2m.

Ten units of Toyota Land Cruiser will cost N123m and two 320 Mercedes Benz cars will cost N49.6m. – Source Vanguard Newspapers

There has been an argument from many quarters; backed up with demonstrable examples that sleaze in Nigeria is a preserve of male politicians. Mrs Etteh may just be on the threshold of rectifying that disparity.