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Another message from God

September 5, 2007

JJ Okocha (so good they named him twice) signed for championship side Hull FC yesterday and ascribed his signing to a message from God. Like many Nigerians, every decision we make is attributed to a message or calling from God – Oh boy, na God oh!. We are no longer strangers to the conmen and women who set up churches, swindle the congregation and still trace their ‘spiritual’ beginnings to a certain night when God ‘appeared’ to them.

‘God’ appears or talks more to Nigerians than any group of people on his green planet. Our God still hasn’t given us a suggestion on how to make our society work, but s/he sure knows how to point out (thru people of the cloth) those who want to harm us. The ‘God’ that appears to us doesn’t mind if we use his name in vain, so long as it serves our immediate intent. Like a friend once said, the God that Nigerians refer to is a different God – the bogus one.

Who knows?


On what planet do these people live on?

September 1, 2007

FORMER Bayelsa State governor, Dr Diepreye Alamieyeseigha yesterday returned home to a rousing welcome in Yenegoa, the state capital and his hometown, Amassoma. A ROUSING WELCOME! Received by his community as a conqueror! On what planet do some of us live on? If you ever question why Nigeria will never overcome corruption, actions like this will quickly provide the answers you need. Some people from Amassoma and Yenegoa may not know any better, but most of them should feel embarrassed this morning.


The same infamy must apply to his “partner in sleaze”, the former Senate President Adolphus Wabara. Wabara was quoted at the civic reception as saying that he had come as representative of ‘his’ people to welcome ‘Chief’ Alamieyeseigha!

In a welcome address read by one time commissioner for Finance, one Mr Solomon Apreala of the Amassoma community, Alamieyeseigha was described as a great son and the day as a memorable one. Can you beat that? He had earlier been received by ‘Governor’ Timipre Sylva at the Government House!

 Ours is a country lacking decency and prospects.


Madam Speaker

August 23, 2007

Some things never change. Mrs. Patricia Etteh, Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives is already in trouble over the award of a number of contracts (N628m) for the renovation of certain official residences. Last week, Madam Speaker, habitually and derogatorily referred to by some sections of the media as a hairdresser, was forced to cut back on an elaborate party she had planned in the US for her 54th birthday.

A breakdown of the contract for the renovation of the Speaker’s residence showed that demolition of a section of the building will cost N14.5m; furnishing, N35.4m; and installation of Close Circuit Television and a multiple intercom system, N30m.

External work will cost N64.2m; fittings and fixtures, N35m; metal detector, N10m; furnishing, N52.5m; and curtains, N10m!!!.

For the Deputy Speaker’s house, furnishing only will cost N55.2m.

Ten units of Toyota Land Cruiser will cost N123m and two 320 Mercedes Benz cars will cost N49.6m. – Source Vanguard Newspapers

There has been an argument from many quarters; backed up with demonstrable examples that sleaze in Nigeria is a preserve of male politicians. Mrs Etteh may just be on the threshold of rectifying that disparity.